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Oh look! I have more than 6000 pageviews! In 5 years.
Seems like I'm the one who's thankful after all
you made me stronger
showed me I don't need anybody
everything I need is inside me
my heart is still broken and in pain
but I can with myself.

You two can't imagine how much I hated you
how much I wished you pain and suffering
how I regretted my malice
how I hated my poisonous thoughts
how I tied myself to not spit my wrath
how I envied you two being together in my face
now everything fell by its own weight
the old man was always right.

You, fool, left me for somebody who left you
how does it feel?
got what you deserved
you know you're not capable to love.

You, girl, you knew everything
you knew the story and who I was
yet you still got involved in the story
I'm amazed on how you fell so quick
just as I did...
but you had your eyes open
I didn't know much in the beginning.
Still I have to thank you
and to admit I admire you
for you did what I couldn't.

I'm nuts, of course
I was born without a screw
I know it and
You know what? I actually like it
I'm a weirdo,
I don't fit in any box
I'm an untamable dreamer
I'm a seeker of the truth
dreams are my compass
I don't care if I'm understood
I don't care how I look to you
I build my world
my dream world doesn't hurt anybody.

Life's too beautiful to worry about fools
now it smiles at me
it's time for me to smile back
I leave you with yourselves
good luck.
Life smiles back
Woof! A heavy weight fell from my shoulders.

I should end with a Gandhi's quote:

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it--always.”
Don't tempt me with your gray cloud
don't tempt me to hold the rope
don't tempt me to forget and jump to the abyss
you said we must jump so we can fly
but this time, I would fall...

I would have done everything for you
you were my love, now my enemy
my blind naive enemy...
my tenderly foolish teacher...
holding a weapon you can't feel
denying your wound
and swallowing your bleeding...

Your suffering should be a beast I should run from
yet it's more like a wounded dog
in need of care and love
ready to bite me at any moment

My doom is...
I cannot ignore the beauty of the beast

Were we so different, you and me?
deeply wounded, in search of the truth
trying to live according to the texts
trying to purify ourselves
yet so afraid...
we lived in the fantasy we built
then got punched by reality

You cannot love what you fear...

Don't you understand, my dear?
Why do you look at me with such begging?
you undressed me without hands
I showed you my deepest self
you cut me and made me believe
I was the one holding the weapon
you threw my diamond...
none of this will be guaranteed anymore
still I must admit
I had never lost my faith in you
that makes me naive, just as you...
Don't tempt me
Thanks for reading! (:
From this day I swear
I won't ever put myself back on the shelf
I won't compare my hair with hers
a diamond won't stop shining
for just a blind fooling.

I swear, I won't ever sacrifice for an assassin.

Vain hopes and dreams
I can't get you out of my head
hate doesn't take away threads
wasted time putting myself in the scale
Unfair! She'll never be me
I'll never be her, and I don't want to.

What do I care about the choices of an ignorant?

Not even the sharpest blade
hurts as much as a snake tongue...

The same day of paradoxes
want you to return and don't go ever
want you to go away forever.

I wonder if love has shown me its face
or if it was just a fancy dress
isn't it in the smile of a child?
isn't it in the air I breathe?
is it still in my tears...?
love is caring, so is hating...

My road is lost again
I confess I like suffering
not for masochism
but because it is a reminder.

The road of the wise they say is calm and easy
"don't act and everything will fall into place"
the old man said.
Glints in the darkness of your shadow
More stuff to be posted soon! (:

Thanks for stopping by!
Lotus by CarlaTovar
Haven't drawn in a while! I feel this one needs a bit of more detail, but I was lazy to finish it lol anyway I hope you like it (8

Thanks for stopping by!


CarlaTovar's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I'm a hobbyist photographer and a music student. I try to learn from every time I press the shutter button, photography is one of my biggest passions and I'd like to share my world and my vision of it through my images (:

It all started here on dA, I was mainly introduced by drawings and paintings (which still keep me interested) but suddenly I fell in love with photography. I purchased my first camera on Nov'12 and I hope to soon upgrade to better lenses to get better quality pictures, though I give my best with the kit ones! (:

I hope that what I submit may be something meaningful/special to someone out there : p my main goal in art is to be able to reach to your heart through my work and to share my perception of our world, not only by photography but everything I do (:

I like to meet people from different places around the world and share things from our cultures, there's always something interesting to know about!

Thanks for stopping by and for reading this! (:
Do you give them? Do you recieve them?

Personally I don't like any of those, giving and/or recieving advices, unless somebody asks me one or if I ask for a point of view. But generally... I'm of the belief that 'not asked' advices don't have any use... hahaha. I'm very stubborn and if I don't ask advice I feel it as control or non-understanding from the person telling it to me. And generally, the times I've done what people told me as an advice I've made more mistakes and I've deeply regret my actions. If I make a mistake but as my choice I don't regret it and I try to learn from it, but I strongly dislike people telling me what to do. I know sometimes they could be worried about me, but I value way much more when somebody just listens and shares my feelings, not judging me and making me feel worthy, even if I did things wrong.

What about you?
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